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Here’s the latest AMA on Gold Secured Currency (GSX).

CEO Stephen McCullah answers questions from the community in the first exclusive ask-me-anything session.

Get limited GSX buying bonus at gsxcde.com

Here’s the trailer for the Zambia segment of 2021 Apollo Fintech World Tour.

In Zambia, the executive team met with branches of government to discuss Apollo Fintech’s technologies and services, as well as refining and mining opportunities.

🎂Apollo Currency & BitMart Joint Celebration🎂

🎉BitMart will turn 3 years old on March 15! You’re invited to support $APL to win Best Spotlight Project on BitMart.

👉 Visit www.bitmart.com/anniversary/en

🎊 Join the party!
>> Register: www.bitmart.com/en?r=Apollo

Coinsuper exchange will soon list Apollo Currency (APL) @ coinsuper.net

Read: bit.ly/3dY4wwJ

Per March 2 announcement by Coinsuper:

In order to provide platform users with more trading options, we will launch APL in the near future. The specific launch time will be announced separately before the launch. We sincerely invite you to come to understand and participate in the transaction.

Trading pair(s) and launch date will be announced soon.

Coinsuper is a Hong Kong-based trading platform and self-regulated custodian that was founded in 2017.

Here’s a video update of Apollo Fintech meeting with government officials to discuss solutions.

CEO Stephen McCullah also distributed Covid relief supplies during the late Feb. 2021 trip to Zambia, a country in southern Africa with a population of 18 million.

🔈ProBit Exchange lists Apollo Currency (eAPL) on March 3rd. eAPL is an ERC-20 based token.

👉eAPL announcement: bit.ly/3rcI2f8


🔹Trading Pairs: eAPL/USDT

🔹Deposit: March 3, 2021, 16:00 KST

🔹Trading: March 4, 2021, 16:00 KST


Here’s a new merchant.

TradaMent accepts Apollo Currency (APL) as payment method.

Crypto & Forex Traders Tournament @ tradament.com

Get APL and support the ecosystem at knoxvip.com, cointiger.com and bitmart.com

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) pre-sale continues for a limited time when early investors access special promos and discounts.

The current period offers a 10% buying bonus for a limited time at https://gsxcde.com

GSX is an asset-backed growth coin that offers yearly payouts. What are you waiting for?


Gold Secured Currency (GSX) earns a mention from YouTube channel Wolf of Dubai.

We love to talk about GSX. It’s backed by assets which are mined.

Watch: youtu.be/7Xy8ikQsznU

Starts @ 5:30

Limited buying bonus at gsxcde.com

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) will soon be listed on Dex-Trade @ dex-trade.com

Dex-Trade is one of the most liquid exchanges in the world that gives users highest-security systems.

Here are new Gold Secured Currency trading pairs:


Learn GSX: youtu.be/3RzZwH2feCk

Limited Buying Bonus: gsxcde.com

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