Adaptive Forging: Apollo’s Breakthrough Innovation

by Marvin Dumont

Cryptos are dime a dozen.

What are Apollo’s groundbreaking contributions to the blockchain industry? Adaptive Forging as well as Updater.

This month Apollo Foundation launched Adaptive Forging which revolutionizes blockchain tech by eliminating wasteful, non-stop block creation. With Adaptive Forging blocks are only created and forged when a transaction occurs.

This process simplifies the blockchain. And it enables fast settlements as well as eliminates bloat issues. Moreover, resources can be focused where they are most needed, making the chain hyper-efficient.

Aside from two-second block speed, the team is creating the best privacy features of any cryptocurrency. The team is incorporating several breakthroughs in privacy such as database-level coin mixing; coin shuffling; a private ledger; advanced IP masking; and decentralized exchange.

Moreover, the Apollo Updater allows our development team to keep APL completely decentralized while able to upgrade the entire blockchain and protocol. With Updater, the dev team can make changes to the chain using a special transaction.

This special transaction installs information throughout the entire chain. Even though the blockchain is decentralized, its protocol can always be improved and upgraded.

Many projects, including Ethereum, have attempted to create similar technology with no success. The Apollo Updater is currently the first of its kind, and it’s functioning flawlessly.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy