ADF Endorses Apollo for Use in Africa

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Foundation is making significant inroads in Africa, establishing relationships with key organizations and potential stakeholders. The foundation recently received an endorsement from Anthony Mokhele, chief executive officer of ADF Group:

… we have identified Apollo Currency Africa as the only and obvious choice with regard to crypto currency and its application in an African perspective, to form a partnership and integrate into our involvement in the African continent.

African Development Funding (ADF) Group is an influential organization, and it has offices in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as Hong Kong, China. Africa has a population of 1.2 billion.

ADF works with more than 53 nations at the presidential and/or ministerial level to provide funding and sustainable development on a range of commercial and non-profit ventures.

Per Mr. Mokhele’s endorsement letter:

Because of Apollo’s independent blockchain and endless features we are endorsing its use and adoption to any of the fifty four (54) African countries we have relationships with.

ADF’s primary industries are mining and agriculture. But it’s also involved in wealth management, infrastructure projects, and private equity and debt investments.

Apollo’s (APL) price is up 47% the past 48 hours with a market cap of nearly $25 million (as of this writing).

In March, a new Decentralized Bank Network location opened in Mossel Bay, South Africa — about 250 miles east of Cape Town. Bekker Leonard Projects CC Trading is one-stop shop for enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and decentralized money.

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