Africa Riches: GSX Mining Projects Footage 🎥

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1 min readJul 29, 2022


Have you seen our latest video of GSX mining claims in Zambia and Zimbabwe?

This upload is sure to get you excited for the future of GSX’s INCREDIBLE mining projects!

Video Highlights:


Tour of our 50,000-hectare claim with firsthand footage of the setup and planning for future mineral extraction. Incredibly rich concentrations of copper ore are present at the surface level. The value added by the unprocessed copper is adding a HUGE value to GSX and is viable for a profitable future once extraction begins.


We move to our Makaha claim. Prospecting is taking place and new mining equipment is arriving to extract and begin processing the raw ores. Miners’ cabins are being set up to accommodate workers staying and working on the mine. The viability of gold and copper mining in Zimbabwe and its immense profitability are discussed. Finally, details for future projects such as the visitor center are touched on as we progress in our mining operations.

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