by Marvin Dumont

Here are questions and answers from the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session held on Jan. 18, 2020. Follow Apollo’s official Telegram for more AMAs.


Has the Zimbabwe Sandbox started ? It moved on the Roadmap from Q3 to Q4. If yes, when can we expect to hear about the outcomes of testing?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We are working with the Zimbabwe government on more than one solution. We hope to be able to release news of our progress in Q1.


Will the new products and services create income for Apollo Fintech? So that AF doesn’t run out of money. And will you invest revenue (and/or profits) in new product development?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

Yes, many of the products will not only create a use case for APL but will significantly increase the resources available to push APL marketing and development.


You talked about large investors (at the institutional level). Do you mean they invest in the Apollo Fintech company (as shareholders) or invest in the Apollo coin, just like us coin holders ?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We are referring to institutional investments in Apollo coins directly (APL), not stocks or equity.


It seems Apollo doesn’t have a dedicated team that arranges setting up stalls at blockchain events around the world. [For] example, the one coming up in London could be a great opportunity to present Apollo to all those [who are] there.

As you know, well-known figures attend these events as well as those [who are] very popular on social media that have a very large following. It’s a good way to really get the Apollo name out there and to show just what Apollo can do. A small project recently got to meet CZ from Binance just by setting up … at one of these blockchain events in Asia. If you currently don’t have the staff available due to how busy you all are in Africa, would you consider hiring a small team to take charge of this sort of marketing and attending these events worldwide once the rebranding is complete and the products have been launched?

Apollo could really benefit from attending these events, The press coverage alone is remarkable … and once they learn what Apollo has to offer, people will go mad for it. If i had something remarkable I’d be at every show/summit up and down the country promoting it.

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We do anticipate attending a number of blockchain events in 2020, more than we have in 2019. One of the purposes [of] adding more products is to … create synergy between the ecosystem of solutions. Many products increase revenue which increases the resources needed to expand the team significantly. The sales team and marketing team can represent a number of products when attending an event.

A win for our government products, for example, is a win for Apollo (APL) directly and a win for Apollo (APL) is a win for our government products. Every offering increases the chances of success and helps every other product being offered.


Will there be any concessions for APL holders on our CEX?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We are planning to add benefits to those holding specified amounts of APL and I can release that at least one of our products will offer significant benefits to APL holders based on the amount they hold in addition to the CEX.


Why has forging practically come to a stop and has been very poor for such a long time? I have been forging 24/7 from the start. There was a time when we could forge for real good returns.

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We are very close to releasing a forging update which is intended to significantly increase forging rewards, offering big incentives for holders.


Any thoughts on building a social media platform on APL blockchain?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

You never know, we have an awful lot that has been cooking in the oven.


Could Apollo be used for cross-border payments in Africa?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

Not only could it be used, that is a major priority. We have been in conference with a number of central banks to design a product that would be superior to what is available now. It will not only be for Africa, but it is a focus.


Is there any way there can be an instant sale procedure for aliases? Where a person advertises there aliases for sale and once someone clicks “buy now” the transaction between the 2 parties is made instant.

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

Yes, it is certainly possible and something we may consider in the future.


Will there be a new hint of the secret project?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We have really wanted to hold off on putting too much out there about the secret project before launching our next lineup of releases. I can say that it is a large project that has the potential to change how the world uses the internet. It is meant to simplify people’s lives in a way that nothing has attempted to do until this point. That is the most I can say.


Any news on Academic Validation?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We have been in discussion with a number of universities and we will release updates as we can. We also anticipate that the release of our new products, branding, structure, and website, along with new documentation will significantly speed up our partnerships, media attention, listings, and endorsements.

We have a large number of organizations waiting for these, from individuals and institutions to governments.


With the CEX, will Apollo do a large marketing campaign to get the word out or will it be up to the Apollo holders?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

We will market the CEX hard, regionally and internationally. Not only will we have a number of advantages over current options, but the CEX will produce revenue which can be allocated to larger marketing campaigns for Apollo, as well as the CEX itself.


Hey Steve, do you think the Gold Inc game will have mass adoption? And will there be a big push on the marketing side when everything is released?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

This game will have a dedicated marketing team of its own. It is already highly anticipated at this point and it has not been marketed at all. It has been quite underplayed and not much has been released, so the outlook is very positive that it will be quite successful. The beautiful thing about Gold Inc is that its backing is generated from revenue earned by the game itself.

The more it is played the more the minimum value of the coin mined in the game will go up, the more that value goes up the more demand goes up to mine it, and so on. So it very well could produce a cycle of demand on its own. Because the game is quite different than anything on the market, mixing many of the best elements of the most successful MMOs into a less restricted format, we anticipate it will be quite well received.

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