by Marvin Dumont

Here are questions and answers from our recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Follow Apollo’s official Telegram for more AMAs.


Is there an address for burning APL?

Steve McCullah, Director of Business Development, Apollo

Yes, if you look at our Twitter and you go back to May of 2018 or so, you will see info of our original burn.


Hi Steve, it would be nice if you could shed some light on the development abroad. We haven’t heard news from Africa for a while now. Is it possible to give us some concrete data when to expect some notable action from there? Thanks upfront.

Steve McCullah, Apollo

We have news coming faster than you would probably expect, but it’s not something I can blurt out in an AMA, as much as I would like to.


You said one product would reward people for holding APL. I would like to know if it’s like forging upgraded or is it like staking where I lock APL to get a percentage-wise of them? Or is it simply holding them on CEX and getting discounts on trading?

Steve McCullah, Apollo

We will have staking and locked staking on the CEX and will eventually have locked forging (staking) on the wallet for APL.


Will CEX Knox be in the future a normal crypto exchange, or will it be a crypto exchange with a focus on APL usage and growth? We would all want to know how this exchange will affect APL as price per 1 APL matters to us investors.

Steve McCullah, Apollo

It will be a normal exchange in that we will have the normal features plus some, but it will also benefit APL by offering easy purchasing, guaranteed trading, and incentives for holding and using APL.


Is the release date for the website and CEX still Feb. 7 and 15?

Steve McCullah, Apollo

The website is already out, and the exchange will be around the 21st. We will release more info on this very soon.


May I know if we will be expanding the circulating supply in light of the tremendous amount of initiative, and what is the implication to the early holders like us, in terms of dilution effect? Many thanks.

Steve McCullah, Apollo

Circulating supply is at the highest it will ever be right now.


What are the benefits and adoption of Apollo compared to the Ethereum network? Can you tell us some highlights?

Steve McCullah, Apollo

Apollo is significantly faster, it is sustainable, it has a large number of features ETH will never have, and we are building use cases that will never be possible
with ETH.


In the context of the current bear market. What are the challenges you think Apollo will face in 2020 and next year?

Steve McCullah, Apollo

In my opinion, we have already faced our most significant challenges and have overcome them. Now we are about to reap the benefits of focusing on the long term.


Many people say that ETH blockchain is old and slow. Why are you building your foundation on ETH blockchain? Do you plan to build an independent chain of your own?

Steve McCullah, Apollo

We have never used the ETH blockchain. Apollo is one of the fastest and most sustainable blockchains on the market already.


Craig Wright holds 800 patents. I’m curious if any of the routes these products take may infringe upon any. Our visions are bold and could cross into some if unaware. Wright would be one to try to squash anything in courts to pull from his greedy narrative.

Arknet sounds [like] he may already have a judicial lock on.

Steve McCullah, Apollo

A patent cannot protect a software design so much as how something interacts with hardware. Nothing he has patented should have any effect on our plans.

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