AMA Covers Lesotho, APL and Knox

There is no such thing as “government announcement” as a whole. [There are] many departments and ministries, so it’s all about the ministry that you sign an agreement with. We signed our MOU with the Ministry of Technology and from what we understood they did end up putting out a written press release, which is what they typically do.

… if you own Apollo, and the price is at .00083 you should get roughly 100% of that in asset value after all distribution events are finished. This could very well change but that is what we have planned now. It doesn’t mean it will be the value of your APL at any price. At that price, however, it would be around 100%.

You can already stake your Apollo coins on Apollo Wallet. It’s not called staking, however. With Apollo, it’s referred to as forging.

We will have staking on Knox in the near future …



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