An Economic Crisis Forces Crypto Adoption

by Marvin Dumont

For two decades, socialists and corrupt politicians have ruined Venezuela’s economy, destroying the bolivar and people’s life savings in the process. As a result, Venezuelans have turned to U.S. dollar and cryptocurrencies for use in a marketplace that now rejects the official but worthless fiat currency.

Aaron Olmos, a Venezuelan economist, tells CoinDesk:

We are in a complicated situation because ‘good money’ — dollars or cryptocurrency — is available, but it is scarce because people tend to keep it, not spend it. On the other hand our ‘bad money,’ the Bolivar, it’s the one used by law.

In Venezuela’s case, “good money” is viewed as asset that locals would rather use to preserve purchasing power (instead of spending). But effective currency greases an economy, and should be spent to acquire basic goods — in addition to being a store of value. More spending boosts economic activities.

Companies are setting up crypto ATMs and crypto-enabled smartphones to reflect Venezuelans preference for programmable monies over central bank-issued currency. And it shows that locals trust cryptos more than corrupt central authority.

Olmos adds:

Given the conditions where we need an alternative element of trust, there’s nothing better than a cryptocurrency while an economic policy takes care of making the Bolivar regain value and recover its power.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy