Announcement on APL Leasing and GSX Airdrop

Apollo Fintech
3 min readJul 8, 2020

The time has come for those of you who have been extremely patient, held their APL though tough times, and supported the mission since its launch early in 2018. Apollo Fintech would like to reward users for their support as promised and gift a 1:1 ratio of GSX-backed value (over the total duration) to APL based on the below for all effective holdings you have in Apollo Currency.


This will be done in portions over the next 12 months, and require you to lease your balance as per below at each claim date in order to get these tokens.

📊 The process will happen over 4 periods (each 3 months), from the first date.

Snapshot and GSX Airdrop:

💰 The amount of GSX will be based on the rate of your effective balance holdings in APL, @ a rate of $0.00083 USD, and be paid at the current backed value rate of GSX at the time of the first snapshot (this snapshot of GSX Price will be locked for all 4 distributions).


  • Someone leases their balance of 1 million Apollo to the specified wallet, at the given time and date.
  • The snapshot is taken, and GSX Token value is $0.046 at the time of the snapshot.
  • 1 million coins divided by 4 Periods is 250,000 APL @ $0.00083 (locked in price) = $207.50
  • You will be distributed $207.50 worth of GSX @ $0.046 per coin, 4510 GSX Tokens, plus the bonus coins being offered at each snapshot time.

👉 An announcement will be made (Join @apolloofficialannouncements to ensure you receive) 7 days prior to each of the 4 snapshots. A date and time (GCT — Global crypto time will be given for this snapshot.
👉 24 hours before each snapshot, a second announcement will be made giving the Apollo wallet address for leasing to, this wallet address is likely to change for each period for ease of distribution. You need to make sure you have leased to this address BEFORE the snapshot time, and ensure your lease time extends through this snapshot. A recommended block height time will be given with this 24 hour notice.
👉 To learn how to lease, please see the Apollowiki site and get familiar with this small process prior to these announcements. There is an easy video tutorial there to help.
👉 You cannot lease from an exchange or Bitfi, so if you have funds in either of these, you will need to send them to an Apollo wallet to be able to lease, during the snapshot time. You can return to desired location after the snapshot.
👉 Effective holdings are your balances that have 1440+ Confirmations.

👉 Distribution will start 7 days after the snapshot is taken.
👉 If you missed the leasing window, you will also miss making claim for this round.
👉 The distributed tokens will be sent to the wallet that leased, this cannot be changed.
👉 Distribution may take up to 14 days to help with any selling that may occur.

💡This first payout is aimed at our fellow supporters who have been with us long term, so as a result, this will not be announced on Twitter and other social platforms. So feel free to share with any friends and family that may not be following our announcements as closely.

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