Apollo 2020: National Currency Initiative

Apollo Foundation is focused on achieving mass adoption via National Currency Initiative.

You can learn more about Apollo 2020 via links below:

The initial target of National Currency Initiative is the continent of Africa, where the foundation has partnered with ADF group to pitch all 54 nations to use Apollo (APL) on the continent of 1.2 billion.

Our team is also seeking merchant adopters in the following countries:

  • China
  • Chile
  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Argentina
  • Other countries in Europe, Americas, Africa, and Middle East

The foundation is developing tools for mass adoption, including a lite wallet app. The mobile app will have QR code, as well as merchant features.

This will help Apollo to gain merchant adoption globally.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies in an unregulatable platform. With two-second block speed, APL is one of the fastest cryptos on Earth. “Apollonauts” use features such as Encrypted Messaging, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Exchange, Dapps, and Decentralized File Storage.

Learn more at www.apollocurrency.com

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com