Apollo: A Super Fast All-In-One Currency

This month Apollo Foundation released Hermes 1.0 update (Step Two) which incorporates two-second block speed. This makes Apollo’s (APL) two-second settlements faster than Ripple (XRP) whose settlement time is four seconds.

Moreover, the team recently launched its latest breakthrough: Adaptive Forging. It is groundbreaking innovation that removes wasteful, non-stop block creation.

Other blockchain ventures, including Ethereum, have been unsuccessful in similar attempts. With Adaptive Forging blocks are created and forged only when a transaction takes place. It greatly simplifies the blockchain and enables fast actions as well as eliminates bloat issues.

The foundation’s vision is to create an all-in-one currency that gives users the ability to perform any blockchain-related task (offered by top cryptos) in a single platform. The premise is this: More utility can lead to more value and adoption.

Our development team is also building APL to become the best privacy currency in the industry. We’ll achieve this by incorporating several privacy-related innovations such as database-level coin mixing as well as coin shuffling; a private ledger; advanced IP masking; and decentralized exchange.

We’re working to make Apollo an unregulatable and untraceable currency.

To gain mass adoption, our roadmap calls for establishing a decentralized network of physical locations. These outlets will allow anyone to buy APL with cash, and this will give people who don’t have a bank account access to cryptos. We’re also developing cutting-edge mobile options that will allow anyone with a phone to buy and transfer APL.

Moreover, the team is exploring the possibility of creating a physical currency, such as a bill or coin, that is tied to the blockchain. This would allow anyone, including those who don’t have a phone, to transact using Apollo.

Our vision includes the Decentralized Apollo Bank Network which will comprise of thousands of physical and ATM locations in major cities globally, where legalities allow.

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“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” — Thomas Jefferson

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