Apollo: All-In-One Cryptocurrency

Utility implies value because an object is useful to people.

Apollo Foundation is building an all-in-one currency that gives users much utility: by enabling you to perform any blockchain-related task offered by other mainstream cryptos. The foundation’s vision for Apollo (APL) is to create a currency that fills the needs of all other top cryptos.

Moreover, the team is building the best privacy features by incorporating many innovations in blockchain privacy. Privacy and anonymity are important because many jurisdictions around the world are tightening regulations that govern digital monies.

We protect your privacy by incorporating features such as database-level coin mixing; a private ledger; advanced IP masking; coin shuffling; and users’ ability to use a decentralized exchange. Apollo will be theoretically unregulatable.

There are hurdles to any crypto’s mass adoption. Here’s our roadmap to overcome them.

Apollo Foundation is initiating a decentralized network of physical locations in major cities around the world. Once established, these locations will allow anyone to walk in and purchase Apollo with cash. Thus, people without a bank account will be able to adopt APL.

We’re also developing cutting-edge mobile options that will allow anyone with a phone to buy and transfer Apollo.

There are other tech solutions to bank the unbanked. For example, the foundation is looking into possibly creating a physical currency such as a bill or coin that is tied to the blockchain. This Apollo-backed currency would give people from inflationary economies an option to enter the Web 3.0 economy.

For decades, central banks or governments have diluted the money supply by printing cash out of thin air. Economists view this practice as taxation without representation because politicians and bureaucrats can secretly print sovereign fiats without subjecting themselves to the wrath of voters.

When a central authority prints a ton of fiat cash, each legal tender bill gradually loses purchasing power, which leads to higher prices (because the notes have less value). In the long-term, consumers and investors can lose a significant chunk of their savings to inflation and currency devaluation.

That’s just wrong.

Central banks may use fancy language to obfuscate their actions but these practices lead to greater risks for the global financial system.

There are many types of cryptos, and each offers unique benefits and disadvantages. Peer-to-peer, trustless money give people everywhere an alternative form of currency. Apollo is carving a niche by giving users much utility and privacy.

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com