Apollo Bank Network (ABN): Plan For Adoption

The social effect is important for any cryptocurrency. As more people use a digital coin, its utility increases since each holder can send and receive payments from a larger number of participants, including merchants.

Apollo Foundation is pursuing a mass adoption plan that will leverage widely-used and existing infrastructure that can give access to a large number of people in as many regions as possible.

Here’s are the challenges that prevent millions from adopting cryptos. First, mobile options are lacking, especially for non-smartphones. Second, people who don’t live in industrialized countries need accessibility. For example, if you live in a country that lacks technological infrastructure (such as internet access), it can be impractical to purchase and spend bitcoins.

The Foundation’s first solution is to give people the ability to send and receive Apollo coins via mobile text and app. A similar approach has seen wide success in Africa where people send and receive phone credits to users and vendors. These phone credits act as substitute money: They have value because they’re universally useful and can be exchanged easily.

Aside from mobile, the Foundation will set up Apollo ATMs across the U.S. where anyone can buy Apollo coins with cash. Moreover, we’ll launch thousands of decentralized physical locations worldwide known as Apollo Bank Network (ABN). This network would allow people to purchase and sell Apollo using fiat cash.

Thus, Apollo will be the FIRST cryptocurrency with physical buy locations around the world, facilitating mass adoption. We are working to set these up in Nigeria, South Africa and Gambia, Mexico and the U.S. And many more will follow!

Our goal is an Apollo crypto bank in every major city worldwide.

Money is a social phenomenon — a medium of exchange used by voluntary participants. Moreover, tokenization of real-world assets is the future. It’s important that people are given access to crypto’s benefits.

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