Apollo Breaks Top 100 In Market Cap

Is it the blazing speed or robust privacy? Or the all-in-one mainstream features?

Apollo (APL) on Thursday reached top 100 status (no. 100) on Coinmarketcap.com with $32.7 million in market capitalization (as of 12:45 pm UTC). That represents 102% gain — third-most for any crypto. 24-hour trading volume was $1.08 million.

[ UPDATE: Follow APL’s current market cap on Coinmarketcap. ]

Earlier Thursday (near 3 am UTC) APL’s price peaked at $0.0039 with $57.5 million in market cap. Exactly one month ago, APL’s value was $0.0005 ($7.4 million).

12:45 pm UTC, Jan. 17, 2019 — Coinmarketcap

In early January, Coincheckup.com listed Apollo all-in-one privacy currency as “strong buy” and one of top 10 best crypto investments out of 1,700 coins.

With 4.3 out of 5 rating, Apollo ranks no. 9 on the site based on factors such as product strength, following, and brand awareness. That’s ahead of mainstream projects like NEM (no. 22), Ripple (no. 30), NEO (no. 51), and OmiseGo (no. 56).

Here’s Coincheckup’s ranking of other privacy coins compared to all cryptos:

Jan. 3, 2019 — Coincheckup

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies into a single, unregulatable platform. With 2-second block speed, it’s one of the fastest cryptos on Earth — faster than Ripple (XRP).

When it comes to privacy, the Apollo platform lets you transact and send data in total anonymity via tech breakthroughs such as IP Masking 2.0 and Coin Mixing (Apollo Mixer). It’s also possible to use Apollo in restrictive jurisdictions like China (where Tor is blocked).

Here’s the Apollo whitepaper.

Below are updates on Apollo’s groundbreaking technologies:

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