Apollo Fintech to Build UAS Gov’t Systems

by Marvin Dumont

This week, Apollo Fintech announced that it has been chosen to build and maintain government IT systems for United Allied States (UAS) which is a new sovereign government located in Africa.

According to Cory Cozad, Congressman of UAS:

We have a unique opportunity to take principles from history’s decisions and develop a united, prosperous nation.

According to Mr. Wessel Sevenster, House Speaker of the newly-formed UAS Congress:

We believe Apollo’s government products are at the forefront of e-governance and payment technology, these tools will give UAS citizens and businesses an economic advantage in the global marketplace.

The vision of UAS is the establishment of a worldwide, sovereign nation of states, each offering its residents an unparalleled level of freedom and prosperity. It will utilize principles that are proven to facilitate economic growth and foster the creation of wealth.

Moreover, UAS will promote the values of individual freedom; respect for human life; and free enterprise. According to a press statement issued this week:

The central goal of the United Allied States is to establish freedom focused, sovereign special economic zones across the globe. Each sovereign special economic zone will act as a permanent state providing energy, infrastructure, food, jobs, and critical resources to its partner nation.

This sovereignty is accomplished by the signing of a treaty between the UAS and this ally. This treaty allows the UAS to offer foreign companies, foreign investors, and its citizens an economically and politically stable, income tax-free, business-focused territory to develop costly infrastructure in areas that would otherwise be considered high risk.

Apollo Fintech is developing world-shaping fintech solutions for a global economy. Its product categories include Government Solutions, Commercial Products and Consumer Products. Apollo Fintech’s new platforms and tools include National Currency System, Tax System, Commodity Exchange, Mineral Claims System, Government Bank Platform, White Label Payment System, Bank Network, Knox Exchange, DEX, Apollo Cash and Apollo Currency.

Learn more at aplfintech.com.

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com

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