Apollo’s core mission is providing users privacy, freedom and accessibility.

We know that the barriers to get into cryptocurrency are substantial and increasing government regulations are only making these barriers larger. At the current moment, only investors with a computer, bank account and a substantial amount of knowledge and patience have the ability to access cryptocurrency.

Even cryptocurrencies which make claims such as helping to “bank the unbanked” get nowhere towards this goal. This is because to purchase cryptocurrency using available methods you can’t get around needing a bank account first.

To solve this issue we intend on being the first cryptocurrency to completely destroy these barriers and open up cryptocurrency to mainstream users worldwide. We plan to accomplish this by opening a network of potentially thousands of physical locations and ATMs across nearly every major city on Earth. Locations which will be referred to as Decentralized Apollo Banks. These locations will facilitate a simple way for anyone to access Apollo quickly with cash.

Within these locations, people will be able to exchange fiat for Apollo and take full advantage of the freedom and security offered by blockchain and the Apollo Platform.

For the first time ever a cryptocurrency will compete directly with banks and offer a solution that does not require the trust of a centralized entity. This solution will offer financial freedom to millions of people around the World that have a complete distrust for their government, currency, and banks.

On top of this, we will be developing mobile options that reach the vast majority of the world without access to a computer, as well as a physical currency (bill and coin) that will be tied directly to the blockchain for use in third world nations with limited mobile availability. These options, combined with debit card and stable coin access, will offer unparalleled financial freedom to nearly every Human on Earth.

We have already opened up several locations in Africa and will be duplicating this success across the rest of the World.

Interested in becoming a Decentralized Apollo Bank location?

Contact: info@apollocurrency.com

Stay tuned for more news on the Apollo Mass Adoption Plan! This is just the beginning!

First Apollo Decentralized Bank — CW Crypto Traders — Klerksdorp, South Africa

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com