Apollo Mixer: A Cloaking Tool That Makes Your Money Untraceable

by Marvin Dumont

Want to become the Invisible Man?

In the ancient world, traders would often rent a private room so they can do business with merchants. It kept them safe from prying eyes of robbers, beggars, and tax collectors.

Privacy is an age-old money practice. But restrictive rules (think China and Venezuela) are normalizing intrusion into personal lives.

In today’s connected world, lack of privacy increases threats from sophisticated hackers, bureaucrats, and unethical third parties — just as our ancestors were threatened by dangerous robbers and common thieves. People and their wallets are over-regulated and monitored all the time.

Apollo Foundation recently launched Olympus Protocol 2.0 which makes the first all-in-one cryptocurrency that combines all mainstream features into an unregulatable platform. Apollo (APL) is being developed to offer the best privacy anywhere.

Coin Mixing (Apollo Mixer) is groundbreaking tool (built by our developer team) that hides the sender, recipient and transaction amounts. It obfuscates the money trail so you can do business safely and privately.

Your business is nobody else’s.

Here are Apollo Mixer’s technical details. (See Apollo whitepaper.)

  • Transactions are encrypted when delivered to the mixer. All
    transactions are divided into 3–7 parts; sent randomly (3 to 10) to one-time use wallets, which are then destroyed right after the operation.
  • These parts arrive in the recipient’s wallet. The absence of the same parameters in transactions makes the restoration of original data almost impossible.
  • Apollo Mixer mixes transactions with many others, or exchanges funds for funds received from many other users. The funds received are no longer associated with original sender(s) and/or owner(s).
  • The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) is used to encrypt transactions inside the Apollo network. It is a public-key algorithm for creating a digital signature.
  • Key exchange uses the Diffie-Hellman protocol on an elliptical curve, a cryptographic protocol that allows two parties that have open/closed key pairs on an elliptical curve to obtain a shared secret key using an unprotected communication channel.
  • Storage of external content is carried out in separate, independent repository. This increases the speed of data processing, data security, and the ability to delete unnecessary content by the owner.

Cloaking powers are important in a 24/7 monitored world. Apollo Mixer helps APL to be a disruptive, unregulatable platform that offers the best privacy features anywhere.

To learn more, see Apollo’s technical paper.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com