Apollo Node Maintenance is Complete

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We’re back online.

Maintenance of Apollo nodes is complete, and Wallet is working again. Over the past few days, developers had been working on network updates since the launch of sharding protocol.

BitMart users now have access to APL all-in-one privacy currency.

Apollo developers are working day and night to:

  • keep the system functioning properly
  • remove security concerns
  • stabilize the network.

The foundation is thankful for Apollonauts’ continued support.

In other news, the cryptocurrency market continues its bull run, rising 8% over the past 7 days from $171 to $185 billion in market cap.

The market is up 27.5% in April (as of this writing), filling CryptoMarketCap with a much-needed sea of green.

Bitcoin (BTC) has climbed to nearly $5,600 — its highest price in 5 months. The crypto market reached an all-time high of $835 billion on January 7, 2018.

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