Apollo Partners With ADF Group

Apollo Foundation this week has partnered with African Development Funding (ADF) Group, one of the most influential organizations in the continent. ADF has offices in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as Hong Kong, China.

It works with more than 53 nations at the presidential and/or ministerial level to provide funding and sustainable development on a range of commercial and non-profit ventures. ADF’s primary industries are mining and agriculture. But it’s also involved in wealth management, infrastructure projects, and private equity and debt investments.

More information will be forthcoming about the nature of Apollo’s involvement.

In March, a new Decentralized Bank Network location opened in Mossel Bay, South Africa — about 250 miles east of Cape Town. Bekker Leonard Projects CC Trading is one-stop shop for enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and decentralized money.

Crypto Adoption

Crypto adoption in Africa has lagged behind other regions due to lack of infrastructure and access to quality education. However, countries like Kenya and South Africa are leading the way to show use-cases of the nascent technology.

The continent is home to 1.2 billion people and nearly half of the world’s mobile money services.

Over the past two months, Apollo Foundation has been establishing relationships and contacts among blockchain enthusiasts in the region. The Africa Development Tour aims to find potential partners, as well as, commercial and consumer use-cases for Apollo all-in-one privacy currency (APL).

Apollo is gauging potential interest in APL, and assessing local infrastructure and business climate.

Wallet Update

Our dev team has released Apollo Wallet 1.31.1. The updated version includes:

  • Fixes to blockchain downloading issues

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