Apollo Partners With Localcoin, A Privacy-Focused Ecosystem

Apollo Foundation has partnered with blockchain-based and privacy-centric ecosystem Localcoin. The partnership gives Apollo users access to Localcoin’s decentralized and regulation-resistant services. These align with foundation’s mission to provide complete privacy and unregulatable blockchain-powered platform.

Localcoin.is offers (1) decentralized, anonymous banking (2) decentralized, unlimited trading (3) untraceable transactions (4) ICO accelerator (5) OTC peer-to-peer trading and (6) encrypted chats.

The new partner’s features also include:

  • No trading fees and no account suspension
  • No trading and withdrawal limits
  • No know-your-customer (KYC) and other verification requirements
  • Integration of decentralized exchange
  • Ethereum ERC-20 and EOS tokens support
  • Backup and recovery with backup phrase
  • Multi-currency availability

Localcoin.is is an infrastructure platform that offers decentralized services to the masses, enabling people everywhere to mitigate risks, and leverage fast transactions through use of multiple cryptocurrencies.

Here are Apollo trading pairs:
APL/USDT — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_USDT
APL/USD — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_USD
APL/EUR — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_EUR
APL/GBP — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_GBP
APL/RUB — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_RUB
APL/BRL — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_BRL
APL/BTC — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_BTC
APL/XRP — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_XRP
APL/ETH — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_ETH
APL/EOS — link to http://wallet.localcoin.is/market/APL_EOS


Apollo all-in-one privacy currency combines mainstream crypto features in a truly private and unregulatable platform. APL lets you transact and send data in total anonymity via tech breakthroughs such as private ledger, decentralized exchange, coin mixing, and advanced IP masking.

With 2-second block speed, Apollo is one of fastest cryptos on Earth.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com