Apollo Passes Sharding Audit With AAA Rating

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech is the first cryptocurrency to launch database sharding. This month, Apollo passed a third-party audit of database sharding with flying colors.

According to CEO Stephen McCullah:

Apollo Currency just got back it’s first full sharding audit. They audited the hell out of it, as we told them to. They found zero security vulnerabilities. They certified that it works as we have claimed and meets their AAA security standards.

On Nov. 8, Chainsulting tweeted:

We’re happy to announce @ApolloCurrency’s #Blockchain Sharding is working as claimed and has been successfully audited by @chainsulting

You can see the full audit report here:


Apollo Fintech is a leading blockchain company that develops world-shaping fintech solutions for a global economy. Apollo has offices in Africa and North America with plans to expand in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Apollo Fintech is becoming a global leader in Government Blockchain solutions, as well as pioneer of international mass adoption.

Learn more at aplfintech.com.

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