Apollo Rolls Out Fintech Website

by Marvin Dumont

The Apollo Fintech website is finally live at www.aplfintech.com. You’ll find plenty of resources explaining the Apollo ecosystem including:

  • National Currency System
  • Tax System
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Mineral Claims System
  • Government Bank Platform
  • White Label Payment System
  • Bank Network
  • Knox Exchange
  • Apollo Cash
  • DEX
  • Apollo Currency

Government Solutions

Our tailored government solutions have the capability to transform the way governments operate. Instances of violent crime, tax evasion, and fraud are just a few problems that can be instantly eradicated by implementing our cutting edge solutions. The fact that there can be little to no cost for governments to operate, and the potential to increase internal revenue by up to 1000%, its easy to see why Apollo Fintech is the new global standard of financial innovation. All solutions offer 100% database uptime, military grade security, and operates on the fastest network in the industry.

Commercial Products

The Apollo Fintech product line of commercial products offers significant benefits over traditional solutions in today’s market. Unmatched customer service accessibility, sustainability, military-grade, nuclear-proof security, and innovative monetization are just a few benefits that make Apollo Fintech’s commercial line of products the best solution for any small to large business.

Consumer Products

From the Earth’s fastest, most feature-rich cryptocurrency to a nuclear-proof global exchange. Apollo Fintech’s growing number of consumer products are designed to not only compete with, but completely erase the need for competing systems. Apollo Fintech’s innovations are being designed to disrupt a large number of industries, providing options with increased security, speed and usability. All on an interconnected ecosystem offering unprecedented simplicity to the lives of its users.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one currency combines nearly all features of mainstream cryptocurrencies into the fastest blockchain in the world. Boasting features and advancements such as the first implementation of database sharding, as well as adaptive forging, atomic swaps, two-second blocks, encrypted messaging, decentralized marketplace, decentralized exchange, decentralized applications, and decentralized file storage, Apollo stands as the most feature-rich cryptocurrency on the market. And one of the most advanced.

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com

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