Apollo Sharding: What Is It?

Apollo Fintech
2 min readDec 5, 2020

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Currency (APL) is one of the first cryptos to launch database sharding.

Apollo Sharding solves blockchain bloat which is the technical problem of how to permanently store trillions or more of blocks on-chain, as well as how to download the chain within a reasonable timeframe.

It’s a disruptive solution that makes blockchain fast, sustainable and scalable.

After implementing sharding, the Apollo database became just a fraction of its previous size.

In November, Apollo passed a third-party audit by Chainsulting which gave its AAA Cyber Security certification. The AAA standard means that Apollo Sharding “is working as claimed.”

You can see Chainsulting’s full audit report here:


Apollo Sharding

As new nodes join Apollo network, they will only be required to keep a full copy of the first shard, as well as most recent shard to remain in consensus and validate new transactions. Shards that occur in between can be downloaded and accessed on-demand as needed.

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