Apollo To Be Listed On OEX Exchange

Apollo Foundation is pleased to announce that Apollo all-in-one currency (APL) will be listed on OEX crypto exchange. There will be Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) pairings. The listing will make it easier for new investors to acquire, spend and invest Apollo. OEX is an international exchange based in Singapore.

Apollo Foundation (in Dec. 2018) launched Olympus Protocol 2.0. The update makes the first all-in-one cryptocurrency that incorporates every mainstream feature into a truly private, unregulatable platform. (See video.)

The Olympus 2.0 version includes:

1. Encrypted Transport IP Masking 2.0 (the most effective IP Masking in crypto)

2. Database-Level Coin Mixing (“Apollo Mixer”)

Olympus Protocol 2.0 makes Apollo (APL) the most private crypto in the industry.

Other Milestones

The Apollo team has achieved other milestones in Q4 2018. The Hermes 1.0 update (Step Two) incorporates two-second block speed. This makes APL’s two-second settlements faster than Ripple (XRP) whose settlement time is four seconds.

The team also launched its latest breakthrough: Adaptive Forging. It is groundbreaking innovation that removes wasteful, non-stop block creation. With Adaptive Forging blocks are created and forged only when a transaction takes place. It greatly simplifies the blockchain and enables fast actions as well as eliminates bloat issues.


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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com