Apollo’s Features Give It Much Utility As Digital Money

Without utility, currency eventually becomes worthless no matter what an emperor commands or what a regulator requires. The ancient Roman denarius was used as official coin for centuries until it was debased to a point where it had very little silver content. Even Roman authorities eventually refused the denarius as tax payment because of its worthlessness.

The lesson is this: People voluntarily choose to use money that has utility. And the form of money evolves as man finds new usefulness. There’s a reason why we no longer transact using seashells or rai stones — not in the digital age.

Today, it’s about smartphones and internet access.

Apollo cryptocurrency is built off the NXT platform and will be the most advanced, feature-rich digital coin in the marketplace. You can think of Apollo Foundation as building an unregulatable and untraceable coin that will give token holders complete anonymity and unhindered transactions. It’s an innovative solution to third-party overreach.

Several Apollo features accomplish this including IP Masking (which hides your physical location); an option for private transactions; un-blockable nodes; coin shuffling (which randomizes your funds to prevent tracking to original source); and integration with decentralized exchange (to prevent ID requirements).

Moreover, Apollo coin has 0% inflation unlike most mainstream cryptos and virtually all sovereign fiats. These will combine to give Apollo coin much usefulness (utility) to investors who love freedom, privacy, security and complete control over their hard-earned wealth.

It’s frequently argued that Bitcoin (BTC) skyrocketed in value since 2008 because it gave people around the world the ability to send and receive payments pseudonymously (not anonymously) without regard to jurisdiction, and fiat capital controls. However, the Bitcoin blockchain network — under influence from a concentration of Chinese miners — have not adapted the technology to wider use.

Bitcoin has seen a ton of hard forks, and this phenomenon is a symptom of root concerns.

Over the past three years, Ethereum (ETH) has risen dramatically in popularity mainly because it’s the preferred platform for initial coin offerings (ICOs). But its network can fail to protect your privacy and it’s widely known to be vulnerable to glitches. That can be a potential headache for entities that must rely on smart contracts to function perfectly. The Ethereum platform may work for you — until it doesn’t.

Cryptos are an alternative form of new money in which investors can find use cases that were not possible with paper-based, sovereign cash.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com