Apollo’s Privacy Beats Other Cryptos

Bitcoin (BTC) is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and it deserves much credit for kickstarting the cryptocurrency revolution. While Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention has carved itself a niche as digital gold, bitcoins can be slow and expensive to send and receive. Its network has also become centralized given the influence of concentrated miners in China.

Apollo Foundation’s vision is to offer the best privacy features of any cryptocurrency in the marketplace. We’ll do this by taking many layers of technological breakthroughs in blockchain privacy, such as database-level coin mixing, a private ledger, advanced internet protocol (IP) masking, coin shuffling, and decentralized exchange.

Where a normal privacy coin might have one layer, we’ll combine them all to create a privacy currency that is theoretically unregulatable.

The majority of privacy currencies only have a private transaction option, but this may prevent mass adoption. That’s because public transactions are necessary in the vast majority of commercial scenarios where transactions must be tracked. Apollo will offer both, giving users and investors the option to remain anonymous while giving businesses the ability to track their payments.


Mainstream cryptos may not necessarily protect your privacy the way you’d expect them to.

For example, Bitcoin is pseudonymous, not anonymous, which means third parties can potentially track you down by (1) examining the Bitcoin public blockchain and (2) using personal ID information from know-your-customer (KYC) protocols, public information and other methods.

A big part of Apollo’s mission is to protect your privacy and to keep your identity completely anonymous to outside parties. We observe the age-old money principle that your financial affairs are for your eyes only and that disclosing money matters to the outside world can expose you to scams, cyber hacking, other threats and unwanted sales pitches.

As the 2008 Financial Crisis proved, third parties can act recklessly, unethically and inflict significant harm to Main Street investors. Secondly, the U.S. government proved unwilling to hold Wall Street accountable for bringing the global economic system to the edge of a cliff. Do you want to give access to your financial info to these same bureaucrats?

Apollo coin is your alternative payment method. Our team will integrate IP Masking to Apollo Wallet which will conceal your true physical location. Because outside parties can’t monitor what they can’t locate.

IP Masking obfuscates your Internet Protocol (IP) address by using a proxy server, and investors shouldn’t underestimate how this feature can protect their physical safety as well. There have been cases of Bitcoin investors who have been physically attacked, kidnapped and extorted after bragging about their newfound wealth on social media, through which cyber criminals use to identify their real-time location.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com