Apollo’s Social Platforms Have Advanced Features

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech recently held an AMA (ask me anything) session and released new details about its upcoming social platform. A big difference with other social channels is the connection to many platforms and services with one account and one wallet.

Thus, Apollo’s social platform greatly simplifies the user experience.

Another difference is that users’ data are not tracked and sold. And freedom of speech is protected. Anyone is free to express their political views, unlike the troubling trend on Facebook and YouTube to censor what it unilaterally considers as controversial views.

According to CEO Steve McCullah:

We are making big adjustments to the way social media operates to improve on many things, while still allowing [people who] want things the same the ability to keep them there.

Here are features of a Facebook-competing platform:

  • There will be a horizontal feed option that allows the user to see many posts at once.

McCullah also commented on a YouTube-competing platform.

We have incredible interest from big influencers already, because not only do we give them a platform without restrictions, we will allow them to monetize much easier and to [earn] substantially more than they do now. One of our monetization models, where an influencer would only make $1,000 on YouTube with 1 million views, they will make $100,000 with our platform.

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