As End of Decade Nears, CNN Acknowledges Cryptos

by Marvin Dumont

At the start of the decade, media outlets dismissed Bitcoin as a tool for video gamers, hackers, money launderers and drug dealers. They said BTC was a fringe instrument not unlike Monopoly money.

Journalists formed (fake) opinions without ever reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s revolutionary whitepaper, or without understanding the cryptocurrency’s designs. Nearly 10 years later, CNN sings it praises — calling Bitcoin “the best investment of the decade.”

The media publish plenty of noise but they can’t deny performance: $1 turned into $90,000 if you bought BTC early enough. “More retailers are accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, and several investment firms and exchanges have launched futures trading for bitcoin, a move that helped legitimize it,” writes CNN’s Paul Monica.

The crypto market sits at $191 billion, up from $126 billion at the beginning of 2019. That’s up 51% for the year.

Apollo’s market cap currently sits at $10.15 million and the team is hopeful for a breakout 2020. APL runs on the fastest blockchain in the world.

The team continues to optimize:

  • database sharding
  • adaptive forging
  • atomic swaps
  • two-second blocks
  • encrypted messaging
  • decentralized marketplace
  • decentralized exchange
  • decentralized applications
  • decentralized file storage

Apollo (APL) all-in-one currency combines nearly all features of mainstream cryptocurrencies into the fastest blockchain in the world. Boasting features and advancements such as the first implementation of database sharding, as well as adaptive forging, atomic swaps, two-second blocks, encrypted messaging, decentralized marketplace, decentralized exchange, decentralized applications, and decentralized file storage, Apollo stands as the most feature-rich cryptocurrency on the market. And one of the most advanced.

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy