Avoid Malware And Protect Your Funds

by Marvin Dumont

Money invites fraudsters.

These days cyber criminals are using sophisticated methods to steal cryptocurrencies. These approaches include malware, phishing attacks and hacked browsers.

In Apollo’s case, scammers are sending Facebook messages to bait users into clicking dangerous links. You should avoid these suspicious messages and links to protect your device and digital funds.

Apollo Foundation will never ask for your passphrase. You should protect your passwords and identifying info at all times.

Mining malware are spreading globally, and its various iterations allow fraudsters to use your device to steal cryptos or to mine and harvest them. The mined currencies are sent to wallets they control. Some fraudsters prefer to steal cryptos to avoid detection.

“Coin miner malware remains very active; total samples grew by 86% in Q2, with more than 2.5 million new files added to the malware database,” according to Sept. 2018 report by McAfee Labs.

Malware can attack you in different ways. They can infect a user’s browser by hiding itself on frequently-visited websites; install and run itself as software on infected hardware; or encrypt local files (making them inaccessible) after which a criminal will demand ransom.

Criminals can also hack browsers or extensions. In September a Google Chrome extension for file-sharing service MEGA was hacked. It’s believed that criminals were attempting to steal private keys and login passwords through the compromised extension.

Only visit reputable and trusted websites. Be careful when you click links. Update your device with the latest software versions. And avoid sharing sensitive information. When you give third parties access to your passphrase, you can lose control of your money.

It’s prudent to adapt to the digital age, which means you’ll need to incorporate new types of precautions in your daily life.

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