Coin Mixer Protects Your Privacy

by Marvin Dumont

Financial privacy is important in a dangerous world.

Apollo Mixer is a transaction-mixing system that hides the sender, recipient and transaction amount. According to our recent technical paper:

Transactions are encrypted … [and] all transactions in the mixer are divided into 3–7 parts (the number of parts is selected randomly), sent randomly (3 to 10) to one-time wallets, which are destroyed immediately after the operation.

Then these parts are arrive at the [sender’s] wallet …

The absence of the same parameters in transactions makes the restoration of the original data almost impossible. The tool mixes transactions with many others, or exchanges money for money received from other users. Therefore, the funds received are no longer associated with the original sender.

Third parties are tracking people 24/7 for various purposes. These entities include governments, banks, websites, other commercial interests, and hackers. Unfortunately, much of the monitoring are unencumbered, which means there’s little checks-and-balances to ensure that people’s info are safe.

This global dragnet has negative consequences on innocent civilians. Coin mixing anonymizes identities and obfuscates transactions to prevent snoopers from accessing data they have no business of viewing.

Crypto users have a right to protect themselves, their business interests, and their families. Most of us never consented to being tracked 24/7.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies in a truly private and unregulatable platform. With two-second block speed, APL is one of the fastest cryptos on Earth. The privacy platform lets “Apollonauts” transact and send data anonymously via Encrypted Messaging, Private Ledger, Decentralized Exchange, IP Masking 2.0 and Coin Mixing. Learn more at

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy