Encrypted Messaging Protects Your Data

by Marvin Dumont

No one likes to be under 24/7 surveillance. The practice is creepy, and it may be illegal in your jurisdiction.

Yet it persists.

The Deep State likes to know everything all the time, and this clashes with peoples’ preference for privacy. Unfortunately, Facebook, Google and big telecom companies are known to share users’ info with third parties, including the government, without disclosing such practices.

Apollo Foundation believes that privacy is essential to individual liberty. Encrypted Messaging on Apollo blockchain allows any user
to send and receive untraceable messages, as well as, data files from one account to another.

Check out the Messenger feature on Apollo Wallet which is a secure channel for communication.

It can be risky to disclose sensitive info: Hackers work day and night to steal your property or identity. But you have options for protecting sensitive messages.

Encrypted Messaging utilizes Olympus Protocol. The user’s IP address and the transaction carrying the message are invisible.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies into a single, unregulatable platform. With 2-second block speed, it’s also one of the fastest cryptos on Earth — faster than Ripple (XRP).

The platform lets you transact and send data in total anonymity via tech breakthroughs such as private ledger, decentralized exchange, coin mixing, and advanced IP masking.

IP Masking 2.0 uses encrypted-data protocol to hide your real-time physical location. It may be possible to use the platform in restrictive jurisdictions such as China where Tor is blocked. (See article.)

Coin Mixing (Apollo Mixer) is groundbreaking tool (built by our developer team) that hides the sender, recipient and transaction amounts. It obfuscates the money trail so you can do business safely and privately. (See article.)

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