Olympus Protocol 2.0: Advanced IP Masking And Coin Mixing

Apollo Fintech
2 min readDec 28, 2018


by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Foundation this week launched Olympus Protocol 2.0. The update makes the first all-in-one cryptocurrency that incorporates every mainstream feature into a truly private, unregulatable platform. (See video.)

The Olympus 2.0 version includes:

1. Encrypted Transport IP Masking 2.0 (the most effective IP Masking in crypto)

2. Database-Level Coin Mixing (“Apollo Mixer”)

IP (Address) Masking 2.0

Olympus Protocol 2.0 makes Apollo (APL) the most private crypto in the industry.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Apollo’s IP Masking 2.0 doesn’t rely on relay-based masking solutions which can be tracked (such as Tor). Instead, our version uses encrypted-data IP masking which cannot be compromised.

The solution can function in regulated jurisdictions such as China (where Tor is blocked). Location masking is accomplished by using an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) that hides a user’s real-time physical location.

Beijing and other restrictive authorities (such as Venezuela) show the need for borderless and trustless mediums of exchange. APL’s blockchain and privacy features make it an unregulatable and untraceable currency that enables users (from these and other nations) to participate in Web 3.0 economy.

It can be risky to expose your IP address. Malicious third parties such as hackers, unethical middlemen and bureaucrats can misuse this information to track you down. Apollo’s encrypted-data IP Masking is a secure way to obfuscate your whereabouts.

[ *Note: The Apollo development team is currently working on intelligent algorithms that can bypass firewalls. ]

Database-Level Coin Mixing

Olympus Protocol 2.0 adds coin mixing feature which offers an extra layer of privacy and security.

The function filters a sender’s transaction within Apollo’s database. It mixes the transaction with others that were sent in the same time period — the effect is to completely mask the funds’ destination. On the blockchain, the coin mixing feature shows a sender’s transaction but not the destination.

Our development team is building Olympus Protocol 3.0 which will include advanced IP Masking, Private Ledger, and Decentralized Exchange. These will make APL transactions extremely secure and government-proof — delivering on the foundation’s promise to create an unregulatable currency.

To learn more, see Apollo’s whitepaper and technical paper.