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Attention is everything. That’s true in any industry but especially blockchain where hundreds of projects are competing for mass adoption.

Apollo Foundation (APL) is jump-starting 2019 by being featured on which gets 110 million monthly visits. (See article.)

Apollo has developed a method … that allows users in China and other restricted countries to utilize IP masking … [China’s] firewall blocks Tor [privacy browser] and other methods of IP masking so Apollo [is] looking to be the first currency that allows [users] to send [transactions] invisibly. is referring to Apollo’s Dec. 2018 roll-out of groundbreaking Olympus Protocol 2.0 which makes APL one of the fastest, most private, and feature-rich crypto in the planet.

The update leverages encrypted-data IP Masking (read more) that hides your real-time physical location. This advanced feature protects your safety and money.

It also lets users in China and other restrictive environments (i.e., Venezuela) participate in Web 3.0 economy via Apollo’s unregulatable and untraceable platform. (Here’s our technical paper.)

So how did our development team give you total anonymity?

  • A transport protocol allows the delivery of anonymous encrypted packets. This method prevents the tracking of transaction paths. To enable transport between nodes, a VPN channel is created — a tunnel through which all data is transmitted in the form of standard protocol packets used by standard web browsers. adds:

Apollo [is]tackling [KYC] problem through the creation of their own decentralized marketplace where ‘users can list goods to be sold locally or even worldwide’ …. IP Masking and Coin Shuffling lead to the claim that within the ever-growing pressures of regulation, Apollo is an entirely un-regulatable currency.

There’s more.

Coin Mixing (“Apollo Mixer”) is the cloaking power that randomizes your digital currency and makes it totally anonymous. (Read details here.) It hides the sender, recipient and transaction amounts. And it obfuscates the money trail so you can do business safely and privately.

According to

It’s often easy to get lost in between the projects. If the Apollo project gets their way, however, this might soon be a thing of the past. Apollo is presented as being the most feature-rich cryptocurrency in the world …

Our development team launched a key feature in Q4 2018 (Adaptive Block Generation) that makes APL one of the fastest cryptos with 1–2 second settlement times, which is faster than Ripple’s (XRP) 4 seconds. Apollo will become even faster in 2019 (stay tuned) which can scale the platform for mass consumer and commercial use.

Adaptive Block Generation creates blocks only in the presence of
transactions. This innovation positively affects the speed and volume of the database and allows for guaranteed transactions — which are prioritized transactions.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy