Foundation Makes Global Marketing Push

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Foundation is developing relationships with potential partners around the world in an aggressive marketing campaign. The effort educates potential new stakeholders in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America about the features and benefits of Apollo all-in-one privacy currency that operates on an unregulatable platform.

Business development is important for adoption, and Apollo’s marketing team is informing global audiences of APL’s advantages as both cryptocurrency and anonymous network. As Apollonauts already know, these benefits include privacy, frictionless transactions, sharding protocol, anonymous messages, decentralized exchanges, IP masking, coin mixing, and other use-cases.

Announcements on new partnerships will be forthcoming.

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In May, the foundation partnered with African Development Funding (ADF) Group, one of the most influential organizations in the continent. ADF has offices in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as Hong Kong, China.

ADF works with more than 53 nations at the presidential and/or ministerial level to provide funding and sustainable development on a range of commercial and non-profit ventures. ADF’s primary industries are mining and agriculture. But it’s also involved in wealth management, infrastructure projects, and private equity and debt investments.

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In March, a new Decentralized Bank Network location opened in Mossel Bay, South Africa — about 250 miles east of Cape Town. Bekker Leonard Projects CC Trading is one-stop shop for enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and decentralized money.

But there are also opportunities in Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. Many countries are experiencing high inflation and/or dystopian monetary policies that are hurting consumers and stifling innovation.

Apollo (and other cryptos) give consumers and investors an alternative to current settlement systems.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies in a truly private and unregulatable platform. With two-second block speed, APL is one of the fastest cryptos on Earth. The privacy platform lets “Apollonauts” transact and send data anonymously via Encrypted Messaging, Private Ledger, Decentralized Exchange, IP Masking 2.0 and Coin Mixing. Learn more at

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy