Global Adoption: It’s Needed For Higher Valuations

by Marvin Dumont

The downtrend continues. The cryptocurrency market dipped to $107 billion on Dec. 7 from a December high of $138 billion, a 22% setback for the week.

There’s a timeless lesson: Hype isn’t helpful. Venezuelans can’t buy food with whitepapers that over-promise and under-deliver, nor can Americans or Europeans use hype to send payments around the world.

Thus, the market adjusted.

Blockchain ventures will need to earn their keep and that means using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to create better forms of money that people will actually use.

Cryptos are attempting to (partially) replace sovereign fiats but the latter has an advantage: Fiats are deeply embedded in local cultures. Citizens look at paper notes and see photos of their national heroes and historical landmarks. Banks use these powerful symbols to hypnotize society to keep using the very instruments that confiscate wealth by way of inflation. (Apollo has 0% inflation.)

Today, cryptos make sense in tech-forward countries (Estonia, Malta, U.S., South Korea, etc.) and high-inflation economies (Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina, etc.). Tomorrow, it can make sense everywhere.

The crypto marketplace is the sum of all investors and users, and it’s telling ventures loud and clear that people need more confidence before rewarding cryptos with higher valuations and usage rates. As management guru Peter Drucker said, “Business is other people’s money.” That is, people will use their own money as they see fit.

Will crypto ventures listen to this loud message? Or keep bemoaning the bear market.

It may not be enough to build something that works. A stone will work in breaking a window. Or a scarecrow will work in chasing away birds. Cryptos and their blockchain features must be extremely useful and convenient to gain global adoption.

In ancient times, people used commodity-money to barter for goods and services: spices, cattle, swords, bananas, gold, fur, fish, medicine. These were extremely useful as food, store of value, or other uses in times of distress.

Cryptocurrencies are being held to a high standard because people won’t just entrust their fortunes to something that may or may not work.

About Apollo:

Apollo all-in-one privacy currency (APL) has fixed supply and 0% inflation. It combines all mainstream features in an unregulatable platform. APL is also one of the fastest cryptos anywhere with 2-second block speed.

With the launch of Olympus Protocol 2.0 APL offers the best privacy in the industry by obfuscating your physical location and transaction details. (See announcement and YouTube video.) A forthcoming 3.0 version will add more privacy tech such as Advanced IP Masking, Private Ledger, and Decentralized Exchange.

By combining encrypted-data IP Masking, people who live in restrictive jurisdictions such as China (where Tor is blocked) can still transact using Apollo.

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“The wise know their weakness too well to assume infallibility; and he who knows most, knows best how little he knows.” — Thomas Jefferson

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy