Gold Secured Currency (GSX) is Now Live

Users will most likely have to send to a normal wallet to lease. Unless there is a lease feature added before then which we are not aware of. You can always send the APL immediately back to BitFi right after this event.

More on leasing:

It would only be leased for a maximum of 1 week from my understanding (CEO Steve McCullah).

In order to receive GSX, should I lease to any other address? Or should I keep APL in my web wallet? How will I get GSX to my wallet?

We will publish exact instructions as soon as we have determined the best course of action for large leasing pools.

I am not … if we will be able to allow leasing pools to collectively redeem GSX, but if we don’t, we may assign a week’s time to lease to the Apollo Fintech wallet. That way if someone is already in a contract, they will be able to take part as soon as their current lease ends.

Then they could go right back to their leasing pool once they receive GSX.



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