Gold Secured Currency’s Substantial Geotechnical Report Results: Kalengwa Claim, Zambia

Geotechnical Assessment Report: Kalengwa, Zambia

A geotechnical assessment report estimates the presence of the copper ore at 2.16 trillion US Dollars in 9,000 hectares of GSX-owned mining claims in Kalengwa, Zambia.

The $2.16 trillion estimate of the ore means that the assets backing GSX will substantially increase to further put GSX’s asset backing well ahead of major asset backing goals initially set for completion by 2023 and 2024 respectively.

The original asset backing goals are as follows:

2022: $7 billion

2023: $20 billion

2024: $30 billion

This copper-rich claim means GSX will far exceed the original 3-year projection. This claim is set to advantage GSX holders by enriching GSX’s asset backing and adding an additional revenue-producing mining project to its already impressive project queue, which includes other mining operations and mass adoption.

Gold Secured Currency affirms its strategy for continual asset acquisition and growth through the setup and execution of revenue-producing activities.

Additional news and geological reports can be found on the GSX website: under the “About” section.

For additional information please call GSX Support:

📞 +1(888) 997–0401 Available 24/7

For support and queries, submit a ticket to our Customer Care team:

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