GSX: Growth Coin That Can Rise in Value

by Marvin Dumont

In 1912, J.P. Morgan testified before Congress that “Gold is money; everything else is credit.”

Apollo Fintech currently has an ongoing coin distribution event with Gold Secured Currency (GSX). The gold-backed coin has an initial price of $0.046 USD. But unlike other growth coins, GSX can rise in value considering that gold has historic prices of over $1,900 per ounce given the global recession.

GSX has been receiving plenty of attention from crypto outlets, influencers and bloggers per Apollo’s Twitter account. A total of 10 billion GSX are available for acquisition with a hard cap of $100 million.

According to Aristotle, money has three functions: a unit of account, store of value, and medium of exchange. A gold currency accomplishes all three while giving owners long-term gains from price increases.

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