GSX Implements Massive Market Use Case

Gold Secured Currency is implementing true mass adoption.

Our team has been working hard for the last few months at the adoption of GSX in Harare, Zimbabwe. Many vendors, including those selling clothing, electronics, agriculture, toys, jewelry, and books, are using GSX as an alternative trading currency.

GSX is in an excellent position to serve the needs of Zimbabwean businesses and individuals. The current currency is subject to hyperinflation and fluctuating supply. This has allowed our team to gain traction in Harare and supply a solution to the problems they are facing.

GSX has actual use cases as a real-world currency, now in two countries, as we rolled out in South Africa last year. The adoption in Harare alone will result in GSX daily usage exceeding that of most other cryptocurrencies.

Our goal over the next few months is to incorporate the rest of Zimbabwe and the daily markets in South Africa. With the success and positive response we have received so far, we feel this is very achievable.

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