Here Are Winners Of Apollo Community Contest: 100,000 APL Each

Apollo Foundation has announced three winners of December Community Contest with each person receiving 100,000 APL each. Congratulations!

1st Place: @MARADOS00 (347 points)

2nd Place: @DECPEREC (302 points)

3rd Place: @PROSSKKA (250 points)

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Apollo Updates

Apollo is the first all-in-one cryptocurrency that combines all mainstream features into a truly private and unregulatable platform. In Q4 2018, our development team released groundbreaking tech that gives APL much utility, speed, and total privacy.

Apollo recently launched Olympus Protocol 2.0. (See announcement and video.) The update includes:

1. Encrypted Transport IP Masking 2.0 (the most effective IP Masking in crypto)

2. Database-Level Coin Mixing (“Apollo Mixer”)

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy