Here Comes Apollo Decentralized Exchange

On April 1, Apollo Foundation will launch Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Wallet. (See important update on DEX launch.)

The decentralized service will allow instant transactions between nodes which means users can make real-time trades of several digital currencies. Find out more on Apollo whitepaper.

The exchange can handle a large number of simultaneous transactions, and will work on the basis of FastApollo protocol. A decentralized exchange allows users to control their funds, and key functions are placed on blockchain.

It’s also private (with no KYC) and more secure.

ApolloDEX uses the technology of the applied cryptocurrency itself, thereby ensuring the security and transparency of the trade. ApolloDEX solves the main problems faced by cryptocurrency markets, since they do not have a single point of failure.

Benefits of DEX

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges can enhance security because no third-party service stores people’s funds. They also don’t have a centralized server, which protects users’ data from being misused, stolen or hacked.

Apollo users can remain private and anonymous: There’s no KYC or other ID requirements. And with IP Masking 2.0 you can use the exchange in countries where such services are restricted or banned.


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