Apollo Fintech

Here Comes Stratus and National Payment Platform

by Marvin Dumont

ilestones for Apollo Fintech are right around the corner.

In the next few weeks, Apollonauts will see a preview of the world’s most expansive social network: Stratus.

Stratus will launch in Q3. It boasts the functionality of most major social media platforms, as well as internet of services. Now you can keep your data secure and say goodbye to censorship.

Stratus will offer ultimate simplicity and convenience. It will also condense the most-used platforms and services into one ecosystem — making its use simplified, safe and without biased censorship.

ational Payment Platform (NPP) will launch later this year. NPP enables a central bank to issue a sovereign, digital currency (stablecoin) for national adoption.

Here are NPP’s features:

  • Online sign-up by merchants and citizens to facilitate easy accessibility and onboarding
  • Merchants can publish a product catalog to sell goods and collect payments directly on the platform
  • Merchants can use the point of sale system to sell goods and services locally
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds via online wallet, as well as money transfers/remittances between wallets and abroad
  • Add bank cards to top-up funds or withdraw money
  • Generate efficiencies from frictionless transactions across an economy
  • The future benefit of quantum-resistant encryption of data on an immutable distributed ledger
  • Zero downtime of the database
  • Physically accessible throughout the country by government-approved agents/banks
  • The ability to make payments and check account data using only SMS

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