Hermes 1.0: Step One Update Boosts Speed

The Apollo Foundation is developing Hermes Blockchain to make Apollo (APL) a fast, reliable, and privacy-focused network. This week, we’re excited to release Hermes 1.0 (Step One) which includes Chain ID and 10-second blocks.

This latest update makes Apollo (APL) six times faster than before. And we’ll increase the speed even more in the next few days.

A forthcoming update (Step Two) will incorporate two-second block speed for settling transactions. In comparison, one of the fastest cryptos is Ripple (XRP) and their settlement time is four seconds. This improvement shows the dedication of the Apollo team to deliver the best currency possible.

The Apollo team strives to satisfy the needs of users and investors. We believe that all-in-one usefulness and the best privacy features will be key attributes of a successful digital currency.

Here’s the foundation’s roadmap for global mass adoption.

The Decentralized Apollo Bank Network will be comprised of thousands of physical locations in major cities, where legally permissible. The network will allow people everywhere to purchase APL with cash.

APL will also be a 0% inflation currency to protect users’ purchasing power.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy