How Localcoin Benefits Apollo Users

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Foundation has privacy mission that gives people the freedom to conduct anonymous transactions anywhere. Our recent partnership with aligns with that objective. is privacy-centric ecosystem that enables users to settle funds globally via regulation-resistant platform — while anonymizing funds, and without disclosing users’ identities, and without imposing transaction limits.

Banks are most regulated entities of any industry. But regulators often snoop on customers’ balances, tax status, identities, and financial transactions — actions that can harm bank customers.

The Localcoin platform is blockchain-powered. And it offers decentralized banking that keeps users anonymous and makes their wallets unblockable. Multi-signature accounts improve security.

Secondly, decentralized trading doesn’t require KYC which means none of your personal identifying info are tied to account. The platform features no trading fees, and doesn’t impose limits. Therefore, you can trade and withdraw as little or as much as you want to accomplish objectives.

The platform’s over-the-counter (OTC) trading are achieved directly between parties — peer-to-peer — without involvement of exchange or outside parties. And to protect sensitive info, decentralized chat features encrypted messaging.

Above features combine to make regulation-resistant — a key objective of Apollo. LC’s accounts are private which leads to untraceable transactions.

Users have access to multiple cryptocurrencies. Here are Apollo trading pairs:
APL/USDT — link to
APL/USD — link to
APL/EUR — link to
APL/GBP — link to
APL/RUB — link to
APL/BRL — link to
APL/BTC — link to
APL/XRP — link to
APL/ETH — link to
APL/EOS — link to

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