IP Masking Conceals Your Location From Third Parties

by Marvin Dumont

When it comes to important matters, government security agencies only disseminate information on a “need-to-know” basis. That principle should apply to your crypto finances so you can protect your privacy and even personal safety.

In the old days, people who made or received payments would do so in a private room where nobody could witness a transaction. But in modern times, most fiat cash (more than 95%) are electronic in nature (at least in industrialized nations), which means the vast majority of bank deposits are now electronic digits on a computer screen.

Unfortunately, electronic transactions also disclose your physical location because computer servers are designed to capture your Internet Protocol address (IP address). It’s a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network and it’s used for interface identification and location addressing.

And therein lies the danger because when it comes to your cryptocurrency funds, it can be risky to expose your IP address. Malicious third parties such as hackers, unethical middlemen and bureaucrats can misuse this information to track you down. For example, sophisticated criminals are known to target investors who possess large amounts of cryptos. There have been cases where wealthy Bitcoin investors have been physically kidnapped, blackmailed and extorted.

Internet Protocol (IP) Masking

Apollo Foundation is developing IP Masking technology and will incorporate this key security feature into the Apollo Wallet. It will enable Apollo coin users to trade, invest and pay in a way that’s untraceable and completely anonymous. The reasons for this strategy are obvious and compelling. Fraudsters, overzealous bureaucrats and snooping outsiders have absolutely no need to know about your transactions. They can’t track what they can’t locate.

In war, an army must hide its true location from the enemy. Following that principle, access to sensitive information must be denied to bad actors.

Hiding Your Physical Location

IP Masking often involves a proxy server that transmits a fictitious IP address to the original server, and this middleman (proxy server) conceals your real location. “The purpose of IP masking is to remain anonymous on the Internet while you are surfing, communicating, downloading or uploading a file,” according to securitysupervisor.com.

Concealing your actual location is part of Apollo’s larger strategy to protect your identity, privacy and traceability. Our wise ancestors conducted large payments in private. Why then should subsequent, smartphone-loving generations deviate from this age-old money practice?

Cryptos are an alternative form of new money in which investors can find new utilities — such as IP Masking — that were not possible with paper-printed notes.

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