Knox Exchange to Roll Out Soon

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech will soon launch the highly-anticipated Knox Exchange. In the meantime, you can join the Knox community on Telegram at

According to Steve McCullah, CEO:

The team has been working very hard to get Knox out, at the very least, within March 2nd, US Pacific time. However, many critical members had been working non-stop for a number of days and were at the point needing sleep. They have taken that time off and are now working again…

Knox Exchange is a world-shaping product that offers unparalleled access to the cryptocurrency industry. By combining physical locations, government collaborations and bank partnerships, Knox eliminates traditional barriers in cryptocurrency, becoming the first blockchain to “bank the unbanked.”

We now hope to have Knox completed in the morning hours of US central time. We apologize for the delay, and any inconvenience. Absolute quality is our number one goal and as such we will launch Knox when it is the most secure exchange available.

Apollo Fintech is developing world-shaping fintech solutions for a global economy. Its product categories include Government Solutions, Commercial Products and Consumer Products. Apollo Fintech’s new platforms and tools include National Currency System, Tax System, Commodity Exchange, Mineral Claims System, Government Bank Platform, White Label Payment System, Bank Network, Knox Exchange, DEX, Apollo Cash and Apollo Currency.

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy