Knox Wire: Features That Will Define the Future of Cross-Border Payments

Knox Wire competes with industry leaders and surpasses the current product offerings with the following advantages:

· Send same-day payments to nearly 30,000 institutions in over 200 countries, with 150 currencies.

· A world-class system that saves on transactional costs and includes a rebate to your institution, economizing transactions.

· No hardware or dedicated IT personnel required.

· Train, integrate and launch in as little as 2 weeks.

· Near-instant transaction time between financial institutions on the Knox Wire network.

· Streamlined bi-directional messaging rather than slow & complex omni-directional messaging.

· Same-day balance settlement.

· Immutable distributed ledger technology.

· No pre-funding required for qualifying institutions.

· No cost to qualifying institutions.

For updates, visit the Knox Wire website

Knox Wire is a subsidiary of Apollo Fintech.

Apollo Fintech is a leading financial technology company dedicated to producing world-shaping fintech solutions designed for a global economy.



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