Knox World Pay Empowers the Unbanked

by Marvin Dumont

The World Bank estimated in 2018 that 1.7 billion adults globally are unbanked. However, two-thirds (1.14 billion) own a mobile phone. (More than half of the global population do not own a smartphone.)

By enabling the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Knox World Pay empowers individuals who live in rural and/or economically-neglected areas to create new wealth by way of participation in global, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain economies.

The WP system is powered by Apollo (APL) and is expected to create growing APL demand. The more APL a user owns, the more Bitcoin and currencies he/she can forge.

According to Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech:

Knox World Pay allows users to send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within two seconds via SMS. We do this by creating an aBTC token on Apollo Blockchain.

When BTC is deposited, its representation runs on Apollo Blockchain until a user withdraws the actual Bitcoin. The same process governs Ethereum and other coins.

Apollo Fintech is a leading blockchain company that develops world-shaping fintech solutions for a global economy. Apollo has offices in Africa and North America with plans to expand in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Apollo Fintech is becoming a global leader in Government blockchain solutions, as well as pioneer of international mass adoption.

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