Knox World Pay to Beta Launch Later This Year

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech has completed development of Knox World Pay, a SMS-based cryptocurrency service that will beta launch in late 2020. The service fosters mass adoption by enabling users to deposit funds via Apollo’s agent network.

People can then send, receive, invest and pay with Apollo (APL), Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using SMS text messaging systems.

Here are Knox World Pay’s key features:

  • Empower millions of unbanked individuals to buy/sell/invest in Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies through Apollo’s proprietary agent network.
  • Agents located across Africa receive deposits of Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies.
  • Payments, acquisition and withdrawal of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies do not require access to a smartphone, computer or internet. Instead, basic mobile owners use existing SMS text messaging systems to conduct frictionless transactions.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be sent in 1–2 seconds using SMS.
  • Transactions are secured via Apollo Blockchain.

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