LA Times: Apollo ‘One Of The Most Advanced’ Blockchain Projects

More attention means progress.

Earlier this week, (110 million monthly views) featured Apollo all-in-one cryptocurrency and discussed users’ ability to use APL in restrictive jurisdictions such as China via encrypted-data IP Masking. (Read article.)

Then Apollo got mentioned in L.A. Times:

They call [Apollo] an all-in-one coin for a reason. Firstly, it has broken all the records of other crypto projects when it comes to TPS [transactions per second] with its 1–2 seconds transaction speed.

Secondly, the Apollo blockchain infrastructure is considered to be one of the most advanced blockchain [projects] featuring encrypted Data transmission, Live updating, Hermes Blockchain, Adaptive Forging, and much more.

The Los Angeles Times gets 40 million monthly visits.

Apollo’s 1–2 second blockchain is faster than Ripple’s (XRP) 4 seconds, making APL one of the fastest cryptos on the planet. Let that sink in.

Our world-class development team is working on Hermes Protocol 2.0 which will improve speed even more. The update should be released in Q1 2019. (See technical paper.)

Blockchain Sharding will be introduced in Hermes 2.0. It involves splitting the blockchain into segments, and it will positively affect these areas: volume of transactions, download speed, blockchain speed, and overall stability of ecosystem.

Sharding processes a transaction in different parts, and these are confirmed by nodes much faster when compared to conventional processes. When released, it’ll be considered a breakthrough in the industry.

According to Los Angeles Times:

This [is] expected to make Apollo one of the better performing crypto projects in 2019, leaving ETH and XRP behind.

Another key feature of Hermes 2.0 is Adaptive Block Generation which was released ahead of schedule in Dec. 2018. It refers to creating blocks only in the presence of transactions. A transaction can settle faster by controlling the volume of data stored in the block and by creating a new type of prioritized transaction called “guaranteed transactions.”

These groundbreaking innovations are making Apollo extremely fast, as well as, a truly private all-in-one currency that combines all features of mainstream cryptos. APL is an unregulatable platform.

(See Apollo Releases Olympus Protocol 2.0.)

Apollo also protects your identity by randomizing digital funds via Coin Mixing (Apollo Mixer). It hides the sender, recipient and transaction amounts — thereby obfuscating the money trail so you can do business safely and privately. (Learn more.)

Your business is nobody else’s, right?

According to Los Angeles Times:

Protocols such as Hermes and Olympus have made it most anonymous, secure, transparent and ready for mass adoption. Apollo has actually achieved speed, anonymity, security, and transparency, along with its fully-fledged ecosystem on which many businesses can evolve at a faster pace.

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